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Stephanie’s {scratch} Pad {Janesville Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

So part #2 of my new blog is integrating a weekly post {my goal is monday} of random information, links, sources of motivation and/or resources that hopefully will benefit my readers.  Being as though {ideally} I’ll have variety of people viewing this blog, my hope is to break it down like this:

portrait {peeps}

{{resources, articles & information geared towards the modern mommy, family & seniors.}}

Building Blocks for Learning located here in Janesville.  I think they are a great resource for families in the area.  I became acquainted with Kay & Jeanne several years ago when I started buying Thomas the Train items there for Gabriel & loved their selection of toys, books & learning tools for children.

If you haven’t been in to check out their store yet & you live in Janesville, shame on you.  They are located right across the street from the Post Office & next to Walgreens on Milton Ave.   They carry a lot of fantastic educational toys as well as a variety of Melissa & Doug, Thomas the Train, Playmobile & they also offer classes in their activity room.

{Remember to support your local small businesses!}

wedding {peeps}

{{unique ideas, planning websites, vendors & exciting news in the bridal industry for my wedding clients}}

If you are looking for custom Wedding Invitations {that ROCK}, check out The Paper Deli in Middleton Wisconsin.  They are originally from Janesville & recently opened up their retail store on Old Sauk Rd.  They do amazing work:  invitations, programs, thank-you’s & more.

Brian Breezer is the owner & he is great to work with & very creative.

They even carry these (what more could you possibly want):

frozen-smiles-l copy

photo {peeps}

{{resources, motivation & random tidbits for those in the photo industry}}

One thing that I’ve learned over the past few years in this industry is that working with & learning from other photographers is a huge part of the business.  I’ve loved meeting many different photographers from around the country @ different workshops, conventions & seminars.  I think that it is so important to recognize that we all have something to learn & we all have something we can offer.

Recently I was a part of a fantastic program {Foundations of Posing} given by Pierre & Anna from Pierre’s Portrait Art in Madison.  Both Pierre & his wife Anna offered a lot of great knowledge & shared information with a small group of photographers.  We were able to work with each other on a variety of exercises & shoot @ a beautiful location.   We even had an adorable couple who were celebrating 5 years of marriage but were very willing to put on a suit & a wedding dress in order to play “bride & groom” for a bunch of crazy photographers.

Pierre gives back to this industry in many ways & it is photographers like this that allow all of us to grow & learn in our business, improve & then in turn give back to other photographers in the future.  Check out his website & his amazing work!  He also offers a free forum for Wisconsin Photographers (WPPF). Thanks again Pierre & see you Thursday!

Here are a few of the images I took that day:




If there is a topic, question or idea you’d like to see discussed here next week, leave me a comment & I’ll see what I can do :)

{stephanie n.}

Little guy Grayson {Janesville Newborn Portrait Photography}

So this little guy comes with quite the story.  I was originally hired to photograph his birth.  Mom was preparing for a home/water birth.  Her EDD was New Years Eve of ‘09 and we were waiting patiently for him to arrive.  Grayson Lennox, though had a different plan.  He surely was born @ home, but momma’s whole labor & birth was only 20 minutes, no time for any photo sessions.

10 days after he was born he came to my studio for his newborn session with his big brother, beautiful mommy &  his daddy who made it home for his birth from Afganistan.

It was a pleasure meeting you mr. G the rockstar.









“Insert Title Here” {Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

Ready, set, GO.

The first post on the new BLOG & it’s been LIVE since August 2009.

Pretty sweet.

The truth is that things have been so crazy busy since early fall (thank-you to my amazing clients) & there hasn’t been a lot of extra time to dedicate to my BLOG. I know, I know it doesn’t take long to put some thoughts together along with a few session favorites. But every time I would stop to think of how I wanted to ‘start’ my new BLOG, which title to use, which session and/or wedding to start with, I would get completely overwhelmed.

Call it ADD, call it being a woman, or perhaps call it just plain old over-thinking, but either way I never came up with what I thought was the ‘perfect beginning’.

So here we are in 2010 & I just decided to forgo the “perfect beginning”. Hence the not so clever title: “Insert Title Here”. I wasn’t going to think anymore about the title, images, sessions & text. I was just going to let the words flow from my mouth to the BLOG & have a starting point.

While we’re on that topic of words, I felt that it was imperative to state in my opening BLOG post a few things about my skills as a writer or lack thereof:

*I will misspell words, for sure
*I like to abbrev, so get used to that
*I also tend to write as I would speak & therefore my grammar is less than steller, period.
*I love using random words, saying random things & sometimes I may just not make perfect sense

So if you are still with me (& most likely you aren’t an English Prof) I hope you enjoy this BLOG . I have some exciting weekly posts, contests & giveaways that I’m excited to roll out in the next few weeks & months.

In the meantime over the next few days I’m going to be posting some of my favorite images of sessions I’ve had over the last few months as well as some interesting things happening with Natale Photography.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about me, I’ll leave you with a few pieces of random information about myself & a few images of my two amazing children who give me so much of the motivation & inspiration to do what I love to do, everyday.

*Despite being called Natalie @ least 2-3 times a week, my name IS Stephanie
*My last name means “Christmas” in Italian (Buon Natale – Merry Christmas)
*My birthday is on Halloween, no that is not a joke.
*McDonalds coffee IS better than Starbucks (& cheaper, duh)
*If you would have asked me 15 years ago what I was going to
be when “I grow up” I would have said a Lawyer, hmmf not a Photographer.
Funny how life just seems to slap you in the face with a Kodak Brownie
*I love the smell of a brand new Cabbage Patch Doll (fresh out of the package)

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend & stay tuned…


gabe & lucy


gabe {5 years old}


lucy {2 1/2}


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