Where to Sell Your Digital Photos Online

Where to Sell Your Digital Photos Online

Whether you are a professional photographer or you just do it for fun, you can always make extra dollars selling your best shots online courtesy of the internet. All you need to do is sign up with a stock photography website, upload your pics, market them, and wait for a buyer to pick them up. However, deciding on the right platform to market and sell your photos can be quite a hassle due to the sheer number of sites dedicated to the course; Here is a list of top websites you can use to sell your digital photos.

1. Alamy

Alamy is one of the best and most popular stock photography sites on the market right now. The site boasts a huge gallery of images and therefore attracts millions of visitors looking for images for their blogs, magazines, newspapers and other uses. As such, you are assured of your photos reaching lots of potential buyers. Good news is, the site offers photographers 50% of each sale which is considerably higher compared to other stock photography sites.

2. Fotolia

With over ten years of existence, Fotolia has built quite a reputation for itself and could be just what you need for your online photography ventures. Not only does it attract over four million potential buyers, but it also offers high royalties of up to 64% per image sold. Another huge advantage of using this site is that your money is deposited immediately into your account after a sale, unlike other sites that have restrictions on the period and the minimum amount you can withdraw.

3. iStockphoto

This is another widely used and known stock photography platform where you can sell your pictures. First of all, iStockphoto enjoys massive traffic that is essential for marketing and selling photos especially since photographers are paid per download. This means you can keep earning over and over from the same image. Royalties range between 20% to 40% of each download. All you need to do is sign up, undertake a short test, avail three samples of your work for reviewing and if you are accepted, you are good to go.

4. Shutterstock

Just like istockphoto, Shutterstock also pays its photographers depending on the number of downloads made. Good thing is, you won’t have to worry about visibility because of the vast number of buyers that flock this site. Note that you’ll only get between 15 to 25 percent of the royalties generated per image. However, you can make quite a good amount of money from multiple downloads especially if you are a professional.

5. Can Stock Photo

This site offers a fast and efficient way to sell digital photos for armatures and professionals alike. Firstly, efficiency comes in when uploading your images, Can Stock Photo can upload several hundred photos at once so you wouldn’t go through the pains of uploading them separately. Furthermore, their system automatically categorizes each image saving you the time and hassle. Additionally, Photographers receive up to 50% of each sale, to be withdrawn once your balance reaches $50. However, you’ll have to provide three of your samples for reviewing before you are approved.

Overall, there are plenty of online sites where you can display and sell your digital photos depending on your expertise. Not everybody will find success with a given platform, so you just got to find out which one works best for you.

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