Your Phone Won’t Replace a Good Camera

Your Phone Won't Replace a Good Camera

One of the most loved features of the modern smartphone is its great camera capacity. This surely was a revolution. Imagine, at the touch of the screen, suddenly, anyone could capture events live. And for a moment it seemed as if the death of the traditional hand-held camera had come at last.

Smartphone Revolution

It often seems as if there is nothing you cannot do using your smartphone camera. And due credit must be given where it’s owed: smartphone cameras are a wonder in themselves. In 2019, the catalogue of the best camera phones would leave you bewildered as to just what these gems are not capable of doing.

Sample a few of these:

World’s Best Camera Phones

  • The Google Pixel-3
  • Huawei Mate-20 Pro
  • Huawei-P20 Pro
  • I Phone XS
  • Samsung Galaxy-S9 Plus

What are They Capable Of?

The above listed phones are indeed incredible. Among the leading features of the world’s leading camera- phones include the following:

  • Super night-mode function
  • Perfectly brilliant-zoom
  • Powerful pro features
  • Best portrait-mode function
  • Brilliant zoom-capacity
  • Superb leica-lenses that produce, crystal clear life-like images

Yet, the big question begs: is the end of the traditional camera finally here? A careful examination of this matter reveals something different. A back-to-back comparison of the camera –phone’s ability compared to the digital camera attributes produces rather interesting results.

Conventional Camera is here to Stay

An examination of the function and capacity of some of the world’s best cameras sheds light on the fact that these gadgets will remain with us for a long time coming.

Go Pro- the Word’s Top Camera

The Go Pro camera is touted as one of the world’s best cameras in use today. Go Pro actually boasts as the best action camera you can get. Indeed, this is a market leader whose invention was a first of its kind. And this camera, as noted, is not your ordinary thing. It is a specially designed camera that gets attached to helmets, surfboards and even cars.This camera has highly effective lens that captures the world instantly in high-definition video.

The Go Pro action camera has gradually become the darling of players in extreme sports like bungee jumping. And whenever TV crews are unable to use the ordinary video camera, the Go Pro camera becomes their tool of choice.Below are some features that make conventional cameras irreplaceable in the modern world.

Note that most of these features are simply not available to you when using your phone.

  • The Yi 4K-Action Camera
  • Enables you shoot 4K footage
  • Has a sharp 4K video-recording
  • Offers voice-control function-simply give orders
  • Shoots crystal-clear still images
  • Touchscreen control
  • Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Excellent easy-to-use interface
  • Has sleek system for image-stabilization
  • Waterproofing down to an impressive 10 metres.

While you surely love the convenience and joy that comes with using cameras in your smartphone, it goes without saying that the conventional camera, with its vastly improved features, is arguably without peer. Yes go on and enjoy using your phone camera. However, remember that certain features in the best modern cameras are simply irreplaceable.

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